Yggdrasil glass and copper necklace

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A Vibrantly colored Yggdrasil under a 1" glass dome on a long copper chain. The back of the copper casing features a geometric mantric design.

Excellent design and encased in a rune inscribed velvet bag.

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The Three Norns at the base of The World Tree wove the fate and destiny of all the beings of all  nine worlds.

The nine worlds are: Gimle (High Heaven), Asgard (World of the Aesir Gods) Vana Heim (World of the Vanir Gods) Jotun Heim (World of Giants and Trolls) Midgard (World of Mankind) Darkalf Heim (World of the Gnomes) Muspel Heim (World of Fire) and Nifl Heim (The Underworld)