Yggdrasil Tapestry/Throw

C$150.00 C$130.00


A Splendid woven cotton tapestry, proudly made in the USA and measuring 4 x 5'

Represented are the Three Norns forming Ygdrassil, the Nordic Tree of Worlds, weaving the fates and destinies of all the dwellers in all the 9 worlds, from the elves to the dwarves to giants and humans-
Of course Odin's ravens fly to and fro- ready to whisper secrets in your ear as you gaze or lie upon this soft cotton tapestry.
The spellig of Yggdrasil varies- this tapesty uses the spelling Ygdrassil.


The Three Norns at the base of The World Tree wove the fate and destiny of all the beings of all  nine worlds.

The nine worlds are: Gimle (High Heaven), Asgard (World of the Aesir Gods) Vana Heim (World of the Vanir Gods) Jotun Heim (World of Giants and Trolls) Midgard (World of Mankind) Darkalf Heim (World of the Gnomes) Muspel Heim (World of Fire) and Nifl Heim (The Underworld)