• Violet Ice Crystal Dragon

    C$49.00 C$45.00

    Violet Ice Crystal Dragon

    Handfinished with violet and blue pearlescence beauty. This dragon is sultry and seductive and practices her magick on the astral plane. Obviously.

    Approximately 5" high and 6" from nose to wing tip.

    She comes with a genuine earth-grown quartz crystal (not a laboratoty specimen).

    Thoughts about Dragons

    Some electro magnetic hidden planets folk think that there's a planet that only comes around every 3600 years or something like that and that when it does it causes incredible visual situations in the sky, and that could be one possible explanation for the essentially world wide belief in Dragons.

    Some less sciency folk simply know what they know from in-between times and spaces, worlds etc., and aren't particularly concerned with figuring out the hows about it, because the existence of Dragon beauty, power and potency validates itself in their own consciousness.

    Symbolically, Power and Potency is the name of the game here, and anyone who's tapped it successfully understands the value of that, particularly in terms of Magick or as I like to say Conscious Reality Creation.

    In any case, as with most things, the more focus you give Dragons the more they seem to exist -Walk with Dragons, they walk with You type thing. Or fly, as it were.

    A rather nice way to get about.