Rune Necklace on Shed Antler by Richard Hanson - Wunjo- Joy

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Masterfully Crafted by Richard Hanson  

Richard himself was made in Canada with all Swedish parts.

He is a rune reader and crafter, and has been reading, carving, and teaching others about the runes for over 30 years. 

He strictly uses material from dropped and then aged (2 years or more) branches, or naturally shed antler, and the runes are crafted in sacred space using ritual tools. 

You cannot buy a better set of Elder Futhark Runes than Richard Hanson's!

His work, both the rune sets and rune jewellery, has travelled far wide- we have sold sets that now have their homes in Scandinavia, the USA, Europe and all over Canada. 

and we know of at least one rune pendant that accompanied its owner's cremation and so now has its home in Valhalla.

If you live in Vancouver BC or the area, and are interested in one of Richard's workshops on Runes or in the custom Bindrune Charm workshop, please email your inquiry to

Rune necklaces and sets will be shipped free within Canada