• Hand-finished sterling silver Mjolnir necklace

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    Refined and Elegant Mjolnir Necklace

    This beauty is balanced, elegant and has a marvelous bail that can accomodate a large chain or leather cord if desired. It does include a very nice chain, but the option of using a large diameter chain or thong is more unusual and so worth remarking on. Gift ready in a velvet bag with runic inscription.
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    A Mjolnir is a Thor's Hammer, which is a symbol of the wearer's dedication to honor, courage and personal strength. they are found throughout Viking settlement excavations and were worn by all members of the household, from warriors to slaves.

    In Norse mythology, Thor's hammer was magically forged by the talented dwarven smith, Sindri. Thor's hammer would return to him after every throw and was powerful enough to defeat Ice Mountains and smash mountains.